AMC’s extensive range of Viscosifiers increases the viscosity of the drilling fluid system, which assists with removing cuttings and filtrate control. Using Viscosifiers will promote better hole cleaning, improve hole stability, reduce wear and tear on drill bits and improve core recovery.

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    AMC BEN XTRA™ is a premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite which meets or surpasses the API 13A test specifications for drilling grade bentonite.

  • AMC BEN™

    AMC BEN™ is a high quality sodium bentonite for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling.


    AMC BIO VIS XTRA™ is a premium grade, high viscosity, blend of natural polymers specifically formulated for mixing a low solids drilling fluid for use in a water well. AMC BIO VIS XTRA™ is a non-toxic free flowing powder that is biodegradable.


    AMC CIVIL GEL™ is a highly absorbent, naturally occurring material consisting of both montmorillonite and smecite that exerts well-balanced rheological properties necessary for many civil engineering and construction applications.


    AMC CIVIL MUD XTRA™ is a specialised, high performance, highly water soluble cross-linked synthetic polymer exclusively developed for the construction and civil engineering industries. Used correctly and in ideal ground conditions AMC CIVIL MUD XTRA™ will produce a clear viscous fluid suitable for uses in trenching, bore pile construction and medium to large diameter auger drilling. It will improve borehole and excavation stability while also preventing clay and shale sloughing and excess build up of drilled solids.

  • AMC CR 650™

    AMC CR 650™ is a high molecular weight, powdered polymer which has been developed to improve cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation. AMC CR 650™ forms a protective polymer film on the drill pipe and bit as well as on the walls of the bore hole which helps to provide lubrication when drilling in troublesome formations. It is ideally suited for use in horizontal directional drilling, water well, mining and tunnelling applications.


    AMC EZEE DRILL™ is a simple to use liquid product that will help improve drilling efficiency by providing borehole stability and lubrication without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. This product is ideally suited to underground drilling operations where only minimal shearing is available.


    AMC GEL XTRA™ is a modified premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite formulated to ensure ease of mixing with superior mud making qualities in fresh water. AMC GEL XTRA™ is designed for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling operations.

  • AMC GEL™

    AMC GEL™ is a modified, high quality grade bentonite formulated to ensure a high quality bentonite mud can be mixed with ease. AMC GEL™ provides viscosity and gelling to most water based fluids while also contributing to fluid loss control.


    AMC MAXI VIS™ is a mixed-metal oxide (MMO) product that provides an enhanced rheological profile and stability for exceptional hole cleaning and suspension in a package that is easy to design, mix and maintain. AMC MAXI VIS™ creates a highly shear-thinning fluid with a low plastic viscosity (PV), high Yield Point (YP) and flat gels. AMC MAXI VIS™ provides excellent solids suspension and easily screens at any flow rate.

  • AMC PAC R™

    AMC PAC R™ is a high molecular weight polyanionic cellulose polymer that is an extremely effective viscosifier with minor filtration control properties in fresh, hard and saline waters.


    AMC VIS GEL SW™ is a proprietary blend of high quality bentonite and specially selected polymers that produce a complete drilling fluid system in areas where fresh water is not available. The AMC VIS GEL SW™ system is designed to improve carrying capacity and filtration control properties to promote borehole stability. AMC VIS GEL SW™ is unique in the fact it will blend and hydrate easily into hard to salt saturated water conditions and is ideal for all types of drilling applications.

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