Treating Chemicals

Treating Chemicals include biocides and products that treat calcium and magnesium in fluid systems and make-up water. Biocides are used to control bacteria, which if left untreated will destroy fluid systems. Chemicals that treat calcium are used to improve hard water or raise pH. This will improve bentonite yields and allow optimal dispersion of drilling fluids into the system.

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    AMC BIOCIDE G™ is a low toxicity, broad spectrum biocide designed to reduce and prevent bacterial and fungal activity in water based fluids. AMC BIOCIDE G™ is a more environmentally acceptable alternative to glutaraldehyde and does not cause skin sensitisation and dermatitis that can occur through the handling of glutaraldehyde making it safer to handle.


    AMC GLUTE™ is a broad spectrum biocide designed to reduce and prevent bacterial and fungal activity in water based fluids. It is available in three grades; 50, 24 and 9 which have varying handling and transportation classifications.


    AMC WATER CONDITIONER™ is a blend of water treating agents used for the treatment of water containing large amounts of magnesium, calcium and other metal ions that have a detrimental effect on the yield of drilling fluid additives such as bentonite or polymers.


    CITRIC ACID is used to reduce pH, precipitate soluble calcium and sequester iron and other metal poly-cations.


    MAGNESIUM OXIDE is used to provide alkalinity control for all water based systems and is compatible with freshwater, brines, and brine polymer systems. MAGNESIUM OXIDE dissolves in water to provide a pH of approximately 10.3. At this pH, no more magnesium oxide will dissolve with any remaining undissolved product dissolving if the pH falls. This creates a pH buffer that is safer to use than caustic soda.


    SODA ASH is a free flowing powder also known as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) used in a fluid system to precipitate calcium (hardness) and increase alkalinity (pH).


    SODIUM BICARBONATE, commonly referred to as Bicarb, is used in water based fluids as a source of bicarbonate ions. Bicarbonate ions precipitate calcium and reduce pH. SODIUM BICARBONATE is principally used to treat cement contamination.


    SODIUM SULPHITE helps effectively scavenge soluble oxygen from water-based drilling fluid systems. SODIUM SULPHITE also helps extend the life of organic polymers by eliminating conditions that promote their thermal degradation.