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    AMC UNIVERSAL™ is a vegetable oil-based cutting oil for diamond drilling, which is suitable in all types of make up water for both surface and underground applications. The extreme pressure lubricating properties of AMC UNIVERSAL™ are designed to function at the face of an impregnated diamond bit improving penetration rates and extending bit life.


    AMC WONDERCUT™ is a high performance extreme pressure cutting oil which can be used when drilling with diamond core bits, through hard, abrasive formations. AMC WONDERCUT™ contains extreme pressure lubricating agents which will help to cool diamond bits, facilitate improved production rates, extend bit and ream life, reduce rod torque and help eliminate rod vibration.


    KODIAK GOLD ROD GREASE is a specifically formulated lithium-based rod grease manufactured for use as a core drilling rod grease. KODIAK GOLD ROD GREASE is designed to protect all types of drill rod surfaces from corrosion, rust and wear caused by exposure to harsh geological conditions and environments.

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