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    AMC ROCK FLUID S100™ is a highly concentrated, water soluble, infiltrating oil designed for the mining industry. AMC ROCK FLUID S100™ is a specially formulated lubricant which reduces friction between large rock boulders that bulk and block up the ore pass. The unique design of this product allows the solution to penetrate the wedged off rock in the pass and coat the boulders with a thin layer of anti friction lubricant. AMC ROCK FLUID S100™ works with the weight of the boulders piled up in the ore pass, natural and mechanical vibrations and gravity to loosen the restriction. This product has proven to eliminate the usage of explosives in ore pass mining.


    AMC ROD FREE™ is a concentrated oil soluble surfactant specially formulated for preparing oil-based spotting fluids to alleviate differential sticking.


    AMC SAND FIX™ contains a unique blend of synthetic polymers designed to support hole stability and minimise associated problems when drilling loose sands, cobbles and gravels. AMC SAND FIX™ is an alternative to bentonite and effective in promoting bore-hole stability in collapsing and shifting formations. AMC SAND FIX™ is a versatile product for all drilling applications.


    AMC SHEAR MAGIC™ is a innovative blend of specially selected polymers, complex filtrate control agents, invasion control agents, bridging and micro plugging compounds combined into a single sack to form a low viscosity water based drilling fluid system used to drill weakly cemented, highly fractured sheared formations susceptible to pressurisation, deformation and collapse. AMC SHEAR MAGIC™ contains a water softening agent which will ensure the mixing medium is suitable for all components to achieve their full potential.


    AMC XTRA SWEEP™ is a synthetic, monofilament fibre that is used as a hole-cleaning agent. When mixed and dispersed in various drilling fluid mediums, AMC XTRA SWEEP™ fibres enhances the carrying capacity of these fluids without increasing their viscosity. AMC XTRA SWEEP™ is chemically inert and temperature stable to at least 300°F.

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