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  • AMC 2000 M™

    The AMC 2000 M™ is a self contained system enabling quick and efficient mixing of drilling fluids on site. The unit’s powerful high shear venturi mixing system allows for fast addition and provides a continuous workflow to improve efficiency in HDD, waterwell, microtunneling and deep drilling operations.

  • AMC 206™

    AMC 206™ is a rapidly yielding, high molecular weight polymer in liquid form that provides viscosity without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. AMC 206™ will help improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation.

  • AMC 500 R™

    The AMC 500 R™ RECYCLING UNIT is a German engineered purpose built fluid recycling unit designed to remove and dispose of drill cuttings in the mud flow cycle of the horizontal directional drilling and waterwell drilling industries.


    AMC AEROFOAM™ is a biodegradable mixture of anionic surfactants which has been formulated for use in the mineral and water well drilling industries.


    AMC BARITE™ is a high quality barium sulphate (BaSO4) micronized to meet API 13A specifications and is used to increase mud density in all types of drilling fluid systems, oil or water based.


    AMC BENTONITE HV™ is a modified, high quality grade bentonite formulated to ensure a high quality bentonite mud can be mix with ease. AMC BENTONITE HV™ provides viscosity and gelling to most water based fluids while also contributing to fluid loss control.


    AMC BENTONITE PLUG™ is designed for use as sealant for hole abandonment, casing seals or any vertical seal to prevent water movement up or down a borehole.
    AMC BENTONITE PLUG™ is available in medium (M) (¼” – 3⁄8’’) and coarse (C) (3⁄8” – ¾”) grades.


    AMC BIO VIS XTRA™ is a premium grade, high viscosity, blend of natural polymers specifically formulated for mixing a low solids drilling fluid for use in a water well. AMC BIO VIS XTRA™ is a non-toxic free flowing powder that is biodegradable.


    AMC BIOCIDE G™ is a low toxicity, broad spectrum biocide designed to reduce and prevent bacterial and fungal activity in water based fluids. AMC BIOCIDE G™ is a more environmentally acceptable alternative to glutaraldehyde and does not cause skin sensitisation and dermatitis that can occur through the handling of glutaraldehyde making it safer to handle.


    AMC BIODEGRADABLE HAMMER OIL™ is a vegetable oil based hammer lubricant supplied in three grades, 150, 320 and 460 centipoise.


    AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ is a biodegradable non-toxic grease formulated from vegetable oils, specialised tackifiers and thickening agents to produce a very stable compound suited for diamond drilling applications in areas where environmental protection is of paramount importance. AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ contains no mineral oils, heavy metals, barium, environmentally unfriendly solvents, PSB’s, copper or zinc compounds. Through enhanced surface sticking characteristics AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ offers superior performance to reduce vibration and frictional drag between the rod and casing or rock strata.


    AMC BIT GUARD™ es un lubricante a base de aceites vegetales el cual potencia la velocidad de penetración actuando sobre las superficies y está diseñado para utilizarse en sistemas de fluidos base agua.
    Sus propiedades fueron diseñadas para actuar sobre la superficie de brocas de perforación diamantina impregnada, proporcionando óptimas velocidades de penetración y vida extendida de la broca.
    Un sistema de fluidos que contiene AMC BIT GUARD™ promueve un recubrimiento hidrofóbico tanto en la broca como en las superficies de los recortes. Esto evita que los recortes de arcilla y lutitas atasquen la broca y bloqueen las boquillas, mejorando la eficiencia de corte de la broca e incrementando las velocidades de penetración.

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