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    AMC BENTONITE PELLETS are a highly compressed pellet made from premium sodium bentonite. AMC BENTONITE PELLETS will swell approximately 10 – 15 times their dry state when hydrated in fresh water. AMC BENTONITE PELLETS has the advantage of achieving greater depths due to the highly compressive nature of the pellet.

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    AMC BENTONITE PLUG is designed for use as sealant for hole abandonment, casing seals or any vertical seal to prevent water movement up or down a borehole.
    AMC BENTONITE PLUG is available in medium (M) (¼” – 3⁄8’’) and coarse (C) (3⁄8” – ¾”) grades.

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    AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER is a multifunctional product formulated specifically for air drilling applications including “Drill & Blast”. It helps prevent a wide range of down-hole problems including poor collaring, hole decay or sidewall instability. AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER also provides a degree of lubrication to the hole and will improve the lifting capacity of the air stream for cuttings transportation. AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER’s unique formulation enables it to penetrate deep into the surrounding strata where it will bond friable, fragmented materials, significantly reducing the need for excess conditioning, expensive redrills or casing.

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    AMC COREWELL is a sophisticated, multifunctional single sack system created especially for diamond coring and slim-hole drilling activities. AMC COREWELL provides superior core protection and side wall stabilisation. AMC COREWELL helps secure a native state, preserved sample allowing for more reliable core analysis data which ultimately leads to more accurate resource evaluations. AMC COREWELL employs physical mechanisms that entrap unconsolidated soils and cuttings to prevent dispersion.

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  • AMC CR 650

    AMC CR 650 is a high molecular weight, powdered polymer which has been developed to improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation. AMC CR 650 forms a protective polymer film on the drill pipe and bit as well as on the walls of the bore hole which helps to provide lubrication when diamond drilling in troublesome formations.

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    AMC GEL is a modified, high quality grade bentonite formulated to ensure a high quality bentonite mud can be mixed with ease. AMC GEL provides viscosity and gelling to most water based fluids while also contributing to fluid loss control.

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    AMC MAXI VIS is a mixed-metal oxide (MMO) product that provides an enhanced rheological profile and stability for exceptional hole cleaning and suspension in a package that is easy to design, mix and maintain. AMC MAXI VIS creates a highly shear-thinning fluid with a low plastic viscosity (PV), high Yield Point (YP) and flat gels. AMC MAXI VIS provides excellent solids suspension and easily screens at any flow rate.

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    AMC PAC L is a premium grade low-molecular weight polyanionic cellulose polymer, which is an extremely effective filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water.

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    AMC RESI DRILL is a product designed to give any drilling fluid non invasive properties. It reduces dynamic filtration loss, stabilises wellbores and protects reservoirs from damage. The product is formulated to reduce fluid loss and stabilise shale by preventing filtrate invasion into permeable structures. Filter cake and differential sticking are therefore minimised and weak formations are stabilised. The product also has a high degree of environmental acceptability.

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    AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY is a specially formulated, tenacious, barium-based grease recommended for use on diamond drill rods to reduce vibration and friction between the rod and casing or rock strata. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY is particularly effective in dry hole drilling, is thermally stable and will perform in a variety of harsh conditions. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY has superior adhesion characteristics designed to provide exceptional film strength when subjected to extreme down hole pressures.

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    AMC SUPERFOAM is a biodegradable mixture of anionic surfactants which has been formulated for use in the mineral and water well drilling industries.

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    AMC VIS GEL SW is a proprietary blend of high quality bentonite and specially selected polymers that produce a complete drilling fluid system in areas where fresh water is not available. The AMC VIS GEL SW system is designed to improve carrying capacity and filtration control properties to promote borehole stability. AMC VIS GEL SW is unique in the fact it will blend and hydrate easily into hard to salt saturated water conditions and is ideal for all types of drilling applications.

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